PRISM software for jet aircraft PRISM software for helicopters PRISM software for propeller-driven aircraft
  • Loss of containment of fuel or oil: Medium
  • Exceedance of aircraft limitations: Medium
  • Deviation from intended flight path: Low
  • Involvement in a road traffic situation: Medium
  • Poor maintenance of facilities: Low
  • Dynamic failure of aircraft components: High
  • Company security breached: Medium
  • Potential loss of vital company information: Low
  • Crew or passenger incapacitation: Low

Prism Safety - Your Risk Revealed

PRISM has revolutionised the way the aviation industry manages risk.

PRISM is the only integrated Quality, Safety and Risk Management tool that automatically monitors potential risk and sends alerts to the relevant people. By monitoring data 24/7, it searches out and identifies anomalies that could mean a potential risk and notifies the relevant person in the organization.

And as a web-based application, it is accessible across the globe at the touch of a button, meaning all your staff will have access to it, irrespective of the number of aircraft in your fleet.

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We would like to congratulate the team at Prism Safety for an excellent product

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