PRISM has revolutionised the way

aviation manages risk. 



PRISM has revolutionised the way the aviation industry manages risk.
PRISM is the only integrated Quality, Safety and Risk Management tool that automatically monitors the risk within your organisation and sends alerts to the relevant Management staff. By monitoring data 24/7, the Prism system searches out and identifies anomalies that are elevating the level of risk and notifies, by automatic email, the relevant people in your organisation.
As a web-based application, the Prism system is accessible across the globe at the touch of a button, meaning all your staff will have access to it, irrespective of their location.




Proactive Risk Alerts

Prism actively monitors and assesses your risk status at every location, unit or within the company as a whole.  When the system identifies a rise or decline in the level of risk, all relevant management are immediately and automatically notified.

Risk Adjuster


Based on an initial risk assessment, previous occurrences and the time period involved, PRISM will calculate present risk for every location, unit or the whole company.

Trend Analysis


Through the use trend analysis tools, the system is able to save your organisation significant cost by identifying trends that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. 

Reporting Module
The Reporting Module allows for the input of a number of Report Types which are each individually Risk Assessed and where appropriate, actioned to satisfactory closure.
Risk Assessment
Each Report is individually Risk Assessed, the resulting assessment is managed by the Risk Adjuster and where the system detects a rise or fall in the level of risk at a given Unit or Location, relevant staff are automatically notified.
Audit Module
The system contains an Audit Module that takes the user through every stage of the audit process from initial audit planning to checklist creation the audit itself and the corrective action process to final audit closure.
Hazardous Events Management Module
The system Hazardous Events Management Process is based on the Bowtie model which guides the user through the identification of all relevant high / medium risk Hazardous Events and their associated Threats and Controls allowing users to identify and rectify controls that are missing from their operating procedures.
The system contains a Management of Change/Risk Assessment Module that allows users the ability to break down Management of Change tasks to a point where all associated risks within any future planned action can be identified and further controls put in place where necessary.
The Corrective Action Module is linked to all other modules within the system and allows the user to track and manage all system Corrective Actions to closure. This module automatically informs relevant staff when a Corrective Action is raised, has been amended or is closed. Additionally it tracks the due date of every Corrective Action automatically notifying relevant staff if a Corrective Action becomes overdue.
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